If we ever play Armageddon or Abyss...

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If we ever play Armageddon or Abyss...

Post: # 6514Post aphrochine
Wed Nov 07, 2007 3:36 pm

We'll need to tweek the Land Doctrine historical years. As it stands now, everyone will need to go down Blitzkrieg to be competitive on the ground, and those nations with leaders not spec'd for Blitz research, are screwed. If we set all doctrines to research linerally in 1 year increments, this would open up different Land Doc paths.

As far as the other doctrine paths, I think they are a little more balanced, especially for Air, since its a play style choice.

For Naval Docs though, its a little less balanced, but its not as bad. Everyone will want to go CV doctrines, but CV's are kinda weak '36-'40 until CV-CAG combat values increase by alot. So a Fleet-in-Being strategy would be viable. As well, if you found yourself behind in the naval race, you could switch to Raider doctrines.

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