Searching for a new Axis player

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Searching for a new Axis player

Post: # 56385Post hugolin
Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:09 pm

Greetings gentlemen! I am currently looking for a new Axis player to help me in Asia. Basically the theatre is too large for my slow brain, leading to mistakes and/or forgetfulness. I have to fight against Sab and at least one of Gogo and Cougy, if not both at times. I'd like to recruit a 4th player to help me with China. Maybe rdudejr? Or someone else you know?

There's action in China proper, in Vietnam, in the Himalayas and Eastern China, on many islands (although this should be mostly over now :| ), Japan itself is bombed by flocks of American STRAT Bombers, there's sea battles,and I will soon have to survive a landing under air cover. It's just too much for me and my pop-ups... Last session I almost lost an entire corps due to being saturated (in eastern China - thanks Gogo!).

Right now Europe has been (relatively) low maintenance for both the Axis and the Allies, but this may change. Also Duck has been very discreet, but his (eventual) arrival on the world stage will make things even busier for the Axis. I'd like a 4th player to help, making it a 4x4. Any suggestions?
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Re: Searching for a new Axis player

Post: # 56402Post sabbath
Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:48 pm

Sure I have a suggestion.
Change China-Nanking to Allies and USA will cease all hostilities against Japan for the remainder of the game (if she does not attack me again). :twisted:

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Re: Searching for a new Axis player

Post: # 56403Post cougy
Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:49 pm

Can one of the European Axis help you? There are two of them and besides their mighty 1 militia & transport action throughout the Atlantic they aren't doing anything. Romania is quiet, Italy is asleep, the Balkans are bored, and Scandy is all nice and snowy, oh and Germany; I am sure they are building more planes, troops, and tanks to spend the war chilling in Spain. Surely all that work in Europe takes the minds of both Nixon and Lobo?

As for it being 4 on 3 I disagree. It was 2 on 4 for the longest time, Gopher & I versus Hugo, Pedal, Nixon & Lobo. Now that Sabbath has joined the fray it is in my mind 3 on 3 with Duck hanging out doing nothing...probably catching up on his napping.

However if you can find someone to take on China that is cool too.


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