Diplomatic Guideline Reminder

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Diplomatic Guideline Reminder

Post: # 56466Post hugolin
Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:49 am

I'd like to take the initiative to post this reminder to everyone about the basic diplomatic rules for this game.

Basic diplomatic rules:

- We agreed (i.e. majority vote) that this would be a sandbox game.
- There were 4 independent factions: Western Allies (France/UK), Axis (Germany-Italy), Comintern (Russia), and USA.
- Japan and China were independent (but went historical Axis and USA).
- The only hardcore rule was that "1. UK, Germany and USSR may not ally together as heads of their respective Alliances except via Event (Unholy Alliance.)"
The issue:

Now I'd like to address the 'blackmailing issue' that I feel has been taking place in this game, on at least 2 occasions:
- the 'US Congress Fascist Financing' scandal
- the USSR-Germany '1-year truce vs Finland' deal

On both occasion, the Allies players loudly expressed their displeasure. This is entirely acceptable. What I think is unacceptable, is to threaten to quit the game if the situation continues, in effect diplomatically blackmailing the game.

AFAIK, the idea of being a 'faction' means you have entire independence as to your treaties, ceasefire, diplomatic accord, etc. For role-playing purpose, you have to look first and foremost at the interest of your country. This can sometimes mean you screw another faction/player/players, or backstab a former ally, or 'help the enemy', etc.

If you are indeed screwed, your options are to fight on, be diplomatically creative, or capitulate.
Your options shouldn't include to threaten to quit.

This said, anyone is free to quit at any time, for any personal reason, and that is entirely acceptable.

There's a certain 'esprit de corps' here at WPO, and we don't want anyone feeling left behind. I think this is really great. However, the desire to be inclusive and to keep everyone happy shouldn't let us forget the objective and agreed upon game rules.

Case in point: Duck's cancelling of the USSR-Germany accord.
- This is an accord negotiated between 2 independent faction leaders.
- Basically this is Duck threatening war unless he gets something, and Germany giving up Finland to save having to deal with a second front.
- AFAIK, this treaty entirely acceptable, rule-wise, even though it may be unpalatable to the Allies and USA, and to the Axis too because of the loss of Finland, Duck being the short-term 'winner' of this deal.

I totally understood the Allies disappointment of not seeing Russia attack Germany, however I'd like to make clear the following, as the sort of 'Game facilitator': players cannot threaten to quit over an issue that is allowed by the game rules we voted on.

The idea of the 'game rules' was to give guidelines and a frame to our game. Within that frame, just about everything should be possible.
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