Do we need to move to a different day or what?

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Do we need to move to a different day or what?

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Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:40 pm

If people do not have 2-3 hours a week they can spare and dedicate time to, barring extreme emergencies, it is disrespectful to the players who do. It also causes tension within the group.

This is two weeks now, and many others.
This is already a slow game as it is, add in we have players who request very slow all the time, add in playing only Once a week which isn't much, add in missing every other week, and maybe add in holding up the game for 1 player when plenty of subs are available, and you have a recipe for extreme frustration for all.

I don't think it is too much to ask of people who want to be eligible to play to dedicate a timeslot once a week.
I would rather play in a game with less people who wanted to be there and could finish, and quickly, than toil away for years trying to finish 1 game and then likely have someone blow it up anyway.

Also in the future we need to put in the rules to handle these situations with random last minute cancellations and subs, and also subs in general. Last minute without accepting a subs just way over the top. We have two people that could run USA, UK, and France by themselves on Slow, let alone Very Slow for 1 month with an extremely static front.
There need to be structured rules. An example(details arbitrary): automatic substitution if one is available, and everyone should designate an acceptable sub if a faction has 3 or more players or there is a 2nd computer available.

Remember the voting system we used to have? One of those criteria was AVAILABILITY.


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