reflections on a game well played...

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reflections on a game well played...

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Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:47 pm

(warning: wall-o-text to follow)

the opening of the axis forums was an eye-opener and answered some questions for cougy and was an entertaining read and was very in the spirit of openness i will highlight some of our plans and no particular order:

1) spain: hugy was correct in his observations: had gib fallen we would have never peaced with the axis...and i agree with him you all should have used ur whole army with multi-province attacks to dislodge us...i will get into our planned offensive later...

as to how i defended: you were correct that i neutralized ur para by using transport ships to offload and retreat units...however you missed the fact that the few times u bombed gib down to low org i simply used north africa to re-org the army...i had tons of 60inf provinces to use so ur planned rocket attacks into spain wouldnt have mattered much...and as part of my on-going defense i drove off ur planes in order to open up your airbases to the end i had 3 bb fleets and tons of transport ships all with dedicated escorts to move troops around and provide clockwork naval bombardment (-25 to ur attack strength) your best u never had more than 3-6% attack strength and since you only ever attacked one province at a time i was able to match your number in local strength and as time went on exceed it...all the while defending at a much higher percentage and using much more upgraded and brigaded hat is off to lobo for realizing germanys weakness in this area...for a long while all we ever fought were unbridaded tanks and inf

planned offensive: old hound would have had a story to tell: we were planning a major offensive into spain using well over 100 divs (22 tanks and at least 10t2 mot-all brigaded)...12 tac bombers....3 strat bombers...and over 50 int/f air craft as needed...oh and 1 then 2 para divs (yes we had them and the trany to go along with it)...and 4 bb fleets (proud to say 2 of them were french..contray to lobo's thoughts all almost undamaged (i repaired the few damaged cruisers from scicily in africa france long ago)...this was to be a precursor to an invasion by duck into poland on or around jan 1 43 (the date differed as duck and i hashed out the details...earliest duck invasion would have been dec1)...i was going to attack murcia (the open plains province) with preparatory bombardment of all spainish provinces two deep to slow reinforcements...then a few days later i was going to invade the hill hex to the north...the para was going to stay in reserve to either block reinforcements to the invasion if that was going well or to invade any ports that opened up (lobo has a bad tendancy to overreact)...where-upon all attacks would have stopped and our 40 or transports would land the reserve army and end around ur troops...

how this would have worked with lobo planning his own major offensive we shall never know...but had lobo stripped poland to attack in spain right at the time duck was going to invade (duck had well over 400! divs all 1941 briged or better...complete with around 20 t3/4 interceptors and around 20 or more of his own tanks..and 2 t2hq purchased from the allies for t3 tanks...)...thing were sure going to get interesting

2) ussr: this brings me to the all were correct in a way...we made plans of cooperation with the allies and duck as soon as the game almost dow'd u when it looked as though gib was going to fall...however i was able to hold and he backed off...cougys anger management breakdown occurred because duck didnt inform him of making an extended peace with was deathly afraid of you all invading from the end once we reminded him of our deal (we dont peace out the axis concerning spain and he reciprocates) he renounced his proposed peace with melt down at the same time had nothing to do with that and everything to do with a horrible session with my shrink the same day...i just couldnt take AoD shenanigans as well....a little to much info i know but i wanted that corrected and out in the open

3) usa: once again you all were correct...once we realized that sabbath was playing both sides if u had offered peace to us we would have taken it...we were making plans for an invasion of the usa before sabbath could get his army built the end i consider it a minor miracle and a diplomatic triumph that cougy was able to get sabbath into the allies...we never had any intention of supporting china as we simply wanted it to tie down hugy's army...our focus from day one was the european axis and we never intended on much in the east...sabbath was always the joker in the deck and in the end he preformed exactly as i suspected he would...he tunnel-visioned china and deployed almost his whole army to that theater for no gain...which brings us to china

4) china: hugy you were way off in your predictions of dire cause....cougy never much supported sabbaths plans in china (he had 8 t2f in that theater that i was constantly begging him to remove and no real tac bombers)...once we realized that sabbath was at least working to delay us in europe we simply were content to hold what we had...the last thing we wanted was the manpower drain that an oriental war would bring and all of our moves from day one were defensive in nature...we assumed that you would dow us early on and so we had some fairly major forces over there to defend...but never even close to a 1-1 ratio....more like a 1-3...of course tank corps singapore was over there...and we all know about that...

rockets: well here we go...i wont go into my feeling on these (well documented elsewhere)...suffice it to say we never needed to load up any saves to deal with them...i knew aproximately (within a month or so) of when they would come in...and i also noticed from spain and game 12(?...when i was the usa) that lobo had a bad tendency to pause the game before any major air endeavors...cougy and i began to stockpile our new builds in the uk and when lobo drew down in spain we sent a bunch of those planes home as well (we had over 47 t2f and 54t4 int from the uk alone....cougy likes his planes)...we simply checked france every time germany paused the soon as we saw 8+ in each airbase deploy we attacked...and really what else could they have been but rockets...since i doubt you ever were building more than 4 ques of planes at a time (cougy was building 7 almost the entire game...3f 4int...he really likes his planes)...

now you were really going to get perturbed the next time we played...we had decided to start bombing your airbases again as soon as game started...and since the game is over i have loaded your save and you were going to recieve rockets in those airbases in 2 day and 3 days before you freak lobo: i saw you place 5+ planes in hamburg (yes we have dd's everywhere)...i also saw them 'disappear' around 7 days was part fluke and part me being paranoid since i too know how to start deploy rockets...and i too know they have no delay from time of deployement to time of i correctly figured that you were building them behind the lines and strat deploying them up to the since it takes about a week to arrive (give or take) we knew approximately when they would arrive and thus we were going to start around the clock airbase bombing (lobo we had upwards of 50 planes of int/f in the uk alone...a few more than the 30 u though we had...and around 40 of those i would think were uk (i could be off i havent looked at allied save in a while) afraid had we played even one more session cougy's and my rep would be trashed for good with baseless allegations... fortuitous we stopped when we did

we had planned a naval invasion of france and almost all of our troops were originally headed to france..but it is winter and we didnt feel that we could win that so we opted instead for an aggressive stance in spain to pull troops from poland prior to the soviet winter invasion (you were off duck had around 54 org with another doctrine almost done bringing them up to 64 iirc...and like 100morale)...

5) old hound: by now you all have figured out old hound was my method of both disinformation and tongue in cheek telling you all were we were going next....i stopped writing about him right about the time my heart went out of the game...i wont get into that but suffice it to say i allowed my personal dislike for sabbath and his antics to derail my fun...i also had some personal issues going on in the background that i choose not to get into that affected my enjoyment of the the end i was only continuing to play as a matter of courtesy rather than enjoyment and i was over joyed when hugy posted his poll concerning ending the game

i fully realize that much more was in store for the game and it was far from over (though lobo's planned spainish deployment sure would have made for some drama with ducks invasion pending)...i apologize that from the allies side we were rather hard to work with...and i truly believe that should we play again we need to rearrange the players to avoid personal conflict

this was a good game right up until the name calling and accusations began flying...and all in all i enjoyed myself thoroughly

i hope this topic cleared up some things (at best) and at worst was a decent read

joe (aka gogopher)

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Re: reflections on a game well played...

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Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:03 pm

oh cougy reminded me:

6) italy and northern europe: our plans concerning those two areas were was with great joy that we saw such heavy defenses in italy and we moved units around the med to constantly give the impression of a pending invasion of the boot...however never once did cougy and i consider any sort of action outside of bombing in italy proper...and the start bombing we did was simply to tie down german planes to defend italy....

as to scandinavia...well we purposely left our history up (lobo was correct) and coined it operation quicksilver...the [never] planned invasion of almost was begging us to commit to a naval action in scandanavia but we were adamant against it...our actions were always either a break-out in spain or a naval invasion of france in 44ish...with myself prefering spain and cougy prefering france...

and had lobo's rockets ever been successful we were going to get mil access from duck and base our strat bombers out of russia to bomb berlin (with fighter cover of course) fact i imagine once duck started his offensive some uk planes would have shown up in russia...

oh that reminds me:

7) east asia: hugy duck had significant forces going to sinkang builds which is what he was wating on before he attacked germany...tanks and inf...he considered his peace treaty to be with you and not a chinese pedal or nixon...and he was more than willing to give u the very far east to trigger is gearing up for war bonus....though he was completely parinoid that sabbath was going to dow him the second he went into poland...a worry i also held...


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