Feb 2015 AoD SP Game Merge

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Feb 2015 AoD SP Game Merge

Post: # 72797Post MagooNZ
Sat Mar 21, 2015 1:59 pm

The USA player needs to edit the \db\events,japan.txt file, event 3802 to add the # symbol into the beginning of the line:
#command = {type = trigger which = 3724 } # USA.
The USA player then waits for the JAP player to provide their date for the Nanking Massacre, then the USA player uses F12 to manually trigger event 3724 on that day in their SP game.

Save the SP games to 1 Aug 39. There will be an autosave at this date. Then all SP players, bar JAP, do two things:
Merge all convoys, then delete all convoys. Delete all military unit leaders using the Remove All Leaders button.
The JAP player only needs to delete its convoys with the other SP human countries and should keep its military unit leaders, since JAP is going to be the master game.
Run the game thru to 06:00 hours (same day and make your final SP save)
This will make the game merge process much easier to achieve. Record $ cost to delete the convoys, and preferably keep 2 versions of the saved game: one with , one without these 2 mods.

Means a one time restoration of military leaders and convoy reestablishment is reqd once the MP game starts.

Will take a more detailed look at unit type/id number clashes.

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Re: Feb 2015 AoD SP Game Merge

Post: # 72883Post MagooNZ
Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:12 pm

I loaded some human major military units into the JAP save.
ITA first, one Inf div mismatch.
SOV next, 26 mismatches
GER, 2 mismatches
USA, 0 mismatches
ENG, 0 mismatches
So this part of the game merge isn't so large a problem.
Convoys could be different, but if the Major country convoys with other countries are deleted before the last save, there shouldn't be problems.
I'm confident to go ahead with a merge.

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Re: Feb 2015 AoD SP Game Merge

Post: # 72886Post princedetenebres
Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:24 am

That's reassuring, I thought there'd be heaps of them, so that's not so bad. Cool!

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