Ruleset and Lineup

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Ruleset and Lineup

Post: # 63091Post Dragonknight2
Fri Mar 22, 2013 9:20 am

Game 16: Road to WW3
Using TFH 4.02 (latest) (Vanilla Checksum: GSKH), with Blitzkrieg 3.2.1 (currently). Checksum: QYSC

Using WPO Teamspeak Server for in-game communication
Password: WPORules

This game should include WW2 and WW3 (assuming the Soviets don't get completely crushed :P ) and rules are set up accordingly. 2 World wars for the price of 1! Anyway.

Victory Conditions:
Axis (not lame):
The Soviet Union is crushed, with the big 3 cities fallen, plus Vladivostok, Baku and Kazan.
The United Kingdom is annexed or GIE.
The USA is crushed, with New York, D.C and Chicago occupied.

No axis countries remain, Moscow is allied.

No axis countries remain, Paris and London are Comintern.

Lineup: (currently)
Germany: Lukesea
Italy: Random
Japan: Dragonknight2

UK: Ummd
USA: Comrade
Allied Minor/Co-op: Lemon

Soviet Union: Naveed

Rules: (partially copied from #15)
-Read and understand the rules. If you don't understand something ask in the general Game 15 thread for clarification.
-Be on time. We will wait 10 minutes from proposed start for all to show. After that, unless previously *agreed* by all majors you will be at mercy of AI. Enjoy the re-org time.
-1936 start
-Normal difficulty
-Game speed will be 3 in peace, and 2 in war. Each player will be allowed one (1) pause per month of no more than 3 minutes in order to progress the game along, and mirror the fog of war. This is subject to general opinion and the G.M's view of necessity.
-Historical until Sept. 1, 1939
-No coups or any major or player controlled nation (I'm inclined to allow coups of minors)
-All majors will adhere to their historic factions (excepting WW3 preparations)
-All countries must freely trade with each other up to September 1, 1939. After that, embargoes may be executed if appropriate, and trades can be refused. This rule excludes excessive (over 50 of some resource type) trades that clearly disadvantage one nation. The game caller will decide any disputes via the Diplomacy forum other thread discussions will be considered.
-Units *must* be deployed immediately upon build completion. The only exception is 1x port if amphib invading (i.e. a Mulberry).
-No log bombing of capitals
-No paradrops on retreating units, and there is a limit of 15 airborne brigades total per major. Minors may build a max of 3.
-No rockets may be built until 1944.
-No disbanding units that are hopelessly lost
-No guarantees, except by event
-No forming alliances outside of historical factions except by event. China, however may align with the faction of their choice - either Allies or Comintern. China may not align with Axis.
-No axis player may puppet/release any of the 8 major nations (JAP, ITA, JAP, GER, FRA, UK, USSR, US, CHI). The Allies and the Comintern must annex and release axis nations when they surrender, whom then join their side.
-Anytime a major Allied country is defeated they are allowed to form a GIE the first time they surrender
-The Allies are not allowed to attack neutral countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-The Allies & Comintern are not allowed to declare war on Axis countries as long as that Axis country does not start ahistoric wars. The only exception is that Japan can take out any Chinese warlord. Nat China may declare war on any/all Chinese minors (Yunnan, Guangxi Clique, Sinkiang, Shanxi, Xibei San Ma) at any time in order to consolidate the Chinese empire.
-Comintern may declare war on up to three (3) minors prior to Barbarossa, however - if USSR decides to do this, Germany may recind the MR Pact at any time and declare war without warning if threat limits allow. USSR however, may not violate their terms of MR Pact, if agreed & signed.
-Majors and minors are all limited to expediting just 5 divisions, ships, or aircraft formations (i.e. aircraft units).
-France may send only three (3) units to UK or USA upon fall of France. They may be ships, aircraft formations, or divisions - but the limit is three only. This reflects a small but dedicated Free French force consolidating in the UK.
-Increase threat spy mission is banned prior to sept 39
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