2021 Spring Game Recaps

HoI 4 - Sunday game

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2021 Spring Game Recaps

Post: # 100178Post harbringerxv8
Sun Apr 18, 2021 9:28 pm

Feel free to insert any necessary trash talk, snide remarks, or mea culpas here. This will serve as open communication for the factions. Also, feel free to add on to the recaps, as obviously I can't keep track if everything on my own.

Germany- Harbringer
Italy- V/R
Japan- Mikey
Romania- ummd
Hungary- Brotherhood
Siam- petropavlov

UK- Bill
USA- Altavista
SOV- Zarin, aphrochine
Canada- Randy Marsh
Raj- AboriginalChris
Australia- Nixon

Session One (Jan 36-June 37) got off to a bit of a late start, but was overall successful. Italy conquered Ethiopia and established a puppet state, increasing tensions in East Africa. German troops reoccupied the demilitarized Rhineland, much to the chagrin of many Western politicians, while others argued that Hitler was merely moving into his own backyard.

In July 36, following years of tension, the Spanish Civil War broke out between the Republican and Nationalist factions. Initial going was slow, as the various sides tried to rally in the myriad regions of Iberia. However, the Nationalists earned quick victories near La Coruna and Oviedo, securing their western flank. Another major offensive reduced the siege of Bilbao, critical to controlling the north. However, the greatest victory came as Russian commanders, blinded by arrogance and vodka, failed to notice a joint Italo-German encirclement of Madrid, leading to the capture of nearly twenty thousand elite Russian mountain troops.

The war is not yet over, but the Nationalists clearly have the upper hand. Thankfully for the Republicans, Spanish Central Command has taken considerable time in planning each individual regional offensive, so the chances of a major breakthrough are small. The eastern coast of Spain, from Barcelona to Grenada, remains in loyalist hands and, for now at least, they seem capable of holding it.
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Re: 2021 Spring Game Recaps

Post: # 100188Post Zarin_lives
Wed Apr 21, 2021 10:13 am

An excerpt from 'My Time in the Spanish Republic' by Alexi Boranovich.

The farmhouse gently shook again, the result of Fascist guns in the far hills. We had still received no word from our forward divisions and the entire headquarters was getting nervous. Our commander, General Issa Pliyev, was still in his private room. The need for a member of our great Communist movement to have such a large room all to one person irked several of us on the staff as nearly half our number slept in the barn (and poor Vassily in the chicken coop) for those several weeks we spent in Central Spain.

After several minutes of knocking on the commander's door Vassily slowly opened the door and cursed. Our great General was passed out in a small puddle of drool at his desk, a pair of empty vodka bottles on the floor next to him. Slowly he came to as Vassily shook him, and just then a runner came bursting through the door and said something to the effect of, 'General the first and second divisions have been cut off, we need immediate support for a Spanish counter attack that plans to break them out.'

Gen. Pliyev slowly blinked and looked around the room, finally seemed to notice us for the first time, then muttered something about the Spanish saving their own.

Distressed, all three of us tried to explain to the General why we needed to move quickly to save OUR men, not Spanish militia, and troops who compromised fully two thirds of our entire force. The General then proceeded to explain to us how in war some sacrifices must be made and we were to evacuate the headquarters, moving it a full 15 km down the road to the next village.

As we marched away from the farm I looked back and could not help but shed a tear for those thousands of proud sons of Mother Russia who were surrendering their lives because of two bottles of vodka and cowardice.
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Re: 2021 Spring Game Recaps

Post: # 100191Post Altaris
Wed Apr 21, 2021 1:05 pm

Nice write-up Zarin!

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Re: 2021 Spring Game Recaps

Post: # 100192Post mikeydz
Wed Apr 21, 2021 5:00 pm

I just read a report in Pravda that one General Issa Pliyev has been nominated for Hero of the Soviet Union. Bravo, General Pilyev.

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