Conversation between UK and USA - 20th April 2014

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Conversation between UK and USA - 20th April 2014

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Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:26 pm

[20/04/2014 12:41:04] James Bruce: hey, how are you?
[20/04/2014 13:08:45] James Bruce: I just wanna talk about the AoD game
[20/04/2014 15:36:59] AoD host guy: im here
[20/04/2014 15:42:26] James Bruce: can I ask, what is the aim of your production strategy? do you want a big airforce/army/navy or an even larger production base?
[20/04/2014 15:45:59] AoD host guy: i was going for a large production base to match the axis
[20/04/2014 15:55:35] James Bruce: good idea, is that what you continue to do?
[20/04/2014 15:55:49] AoD host guy: im not so sure
[20/04/2014 15:56:09] AoD host guy: i think i need to focus on getting some hurt on the japs first
[20/04/2014 15:56:32] AoD host guy: then perhaps keep the top 3 industrial provinces going on ic
[20/04/2014 15:56:50] James Bruce: indeed, I'd recommend focusing on an army & navy
[20/04/2014 15:56:56] James Bruce: our airforces are pretty large already
[20/04/2014 15:57:10] AoD host guy: but not really large enough
[20/04/2014 15:57:38] AoD host guy: and yes, i am reducing my builds significantly to open up for more ic to reinforcements and upgrades
[20/04/2014 15:59:00] AoD host guy: but i fear the game is basically over before i can get my carriers out to sea
[20/04/2014 15:59:12] AoD host guy: if we lose the SU the game is over for us
[20/04/2014 15:59:26] AoD host guy: and even if we dont, the axis can push hard
[20/04/2014 16:00:29] James Bruce: true
[20/04/2014 16:00:39] James Bruce: after reloading the old saves I've realised the USSR lost 100IC
[20/04/2014 16:01:16] AoD host guy: yes that is a lot
[20/04/2014 16:01:37] AoD host guy: and the free ic that the axis gets from every puppet is just too much to combat
[20/04/2014 16:02:17] James Bruce: true, but I would recommend placing your serials of infantry, armour, carriers and light cruisers number 1 in your production list
[20/04/2014 16:02:42] James Bruce: even if we need a bigger airforce, we have nowhere to place it - we need armies to capture land!
[20/04/2014 16:06:18] James Bruce: and I seriously worry what he plans to do about the Vichy event
[20/04/2014 16:15:31] AoD host guy: i dont know what he plans to do
[20/04/2014 16:15:48] AoD host guy: but i will shave off a line of interceptors and light carriers
[20/04/2014 16:16:19] James Bruce: good idea, have you spotted any Japanese subs?
[20/04/2014 16:16:38] AoD host guy: yes one i think
[20/04/2014 16:16:45] AoD host guy: he is using some
[20/04/2014 16:16:57] James Bruce: ah okay, but I think DDs are normally enough against them
[20/04/2014 16:17:19] James Bruce: Canada will be making some anyways
[20/04/2014 16:19:06] James Bruce: also, just so you know, if you lose one more TP then the Vichy event won't trigger
[20/04/2014 16:20:00] James Bruce: I'd recommend ending your serials of convoys, and replacing them with TPs - they're cheaper to convert, and if you don't need convoys you can use them to ship troops instead
[20/04/2014 16:22:44] AoD host guy: yes i have a line of transports
[20/04/2014 16:37:05] James Bruce: just the one? I guess I over-built on TPs so that helps
[20/04/2014 16:55:04] James Bruce: I'd highly recommend continuing your serial of l.arm
[20/04/2014 16:55:10] James Bruce: we're in desparate need of armour
[20/04/2014 16:55:28] AoD host guy: that we are...
[20/04/2014 17:09:35] James Bruce: did you lose units when retreating from Oceania?
[20/04/2014 17:09:53] AoD host guy: yeah a few
[20/04/2014 17:10:13] AoD host guy: i think 1 or 2 armor, militia infantry a cav
[20/04/2014 17:10:20] AoD host guy: a mountaineer or two
[20/04/2014 17:10:40] James Bruce: ouch
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