Conversation between UK and USA - 11th April 2014

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Conversation between UK and USA - 11th April 2014

Post: # 67755Post Mr_B0narpte
Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:29 pm

UnseeBunsee: I'm alright. Just wanted to ask you what do you think of the Allies propects? Do you think the USA can attack in 1942?
Panzerduck: carrier wise yes
Panzerduck: militarily? not so eager to give a positive review
UnseeBunsee: but maybe your 6 carriers can defend the west coast, those freeing up 30 or so divisions there, if you just keep some infantry & milita as defence
UnseeBunsee: It seems Duck won't invade
UnseeBunsee: thereby* not those
Panzerduck: if i can throw him of the aleuthians now i can free them up
Panzerduck: if not, then they have to stay
UnseeBunsee: what naval units does he have around there?
UnseeBunsee: Is the link a video of the Danish army in 1918?
Panzerduck: 2 carriers, 3+ battleships with a cruiser force lurking
Panzerduck: yeah
Panzerduck: we where not a part of the war
Panzerduck: excepting our south jutlanese
UnseeBunsee: true
UnseeBunsee: hmm... if I send my carriers to you it would equal their force
UnseeBunsee: but they'd need to be EXPed otherwise they'll get slaughtered
Panzerduck: i would rather you keep them in europe
Panzerduck: against more ducks sailing in
UnseeBunsee: haha
UnseeBunsee: I have my battleships for that though
UnseeBunsee: and light carriers
Panzerduck: i can probably send some supplies and money but not a heck of a lot...
Panzerduck: keep em, the italians may come to play
UnseeBunsee: did you see my posts in the allied forum?
Panzerduck: not yet
UnseeBunsee: I'm not too fussed about supplies
UnseeBunsee: But would you be willing to give the USSR the resources it needs for free?
Panzerduck: yeah

[11/04/2014 20:35:47] James Bruce: Slightly gutted I didn't build any tanks now :P
[11/04/2014 20:42:41] James Bruce: I guess the ultimate question, do you think we should continue the game?
[11/04/2014 20:43:25] James Bruce: I can build some light tank with the first line being ready March 1942
[11/04/2014 20:43:29] James Bruce: tanks*
[11/04/2014 20:43:47] James Bruce: Can't believe they only take 75 days to complete, free market is awesome!
[11/04/2014 20:46:24] James Bruce: I think we can re-land in France in spring of 1942 by either: securing the Aleutian islands and then preparing to send the 30 or so divisions on the west coast and Alaska to the UK with the 6 fresh carriers in support
[11/04/2014 20:47:02] James Bruce: Or by placing all 6 of those carriers on the west coast, with just milita and infantry defending the coast-line as the carriers can handle any attack, especially with the air support you currently have
[11/04/2014 20:49:12] James Bruce: Arguably you can already hold the coast as TPs have a positioning of 10<>20, so Japan's carriers would be forced to fight at close range
[11/04/2014 20:49:51] AoD host guy: yeah possibly
[11/04/2014 20:50:16] James Bruce: And its CAs and BBs would perhaps even cause friendly fire at such poor positioning
[11/04/2014 20:53:52] AoD host guy: im thinking we take the retreat now, on jan 1st or there about we get the morrocco events and can build our forces against G
[11/04/2014 20:55:31] AoD host guy: we need more than 1 airport to succesfully trumph the axis forces there in any case
[11/04/2014 20:57:29] AoD host guy: the only real thing we can do is to hold the axis up til 42 in any case
[11/04/2014 21:11:56] James Bruce: Ah okay, that's true
[11/04/2014 21:13:36] James Bruce: Brilliant, Oran is only 328km from Gibraltar
[11/04/2014 21:14:30] James Bruce: Or if we place an airfield in Mogador that's 316 km
[11/04/2014 21:16:11] AoD host guy: yep
[11/04/2014 21:16:24] AoD host guy: we have to figure on spanish intervention though
[11/04/2014 21:21:58] James Bruce: True
[11/04/2014 21:22:04] James Bruce: My marines should be ready :D
[11/04/2014 21:25:05] James Bruce: Hmmm
[11/04/2014 21:25:30] James Bruce: If the USSR takes Mogilev there'll be no direct german land between berlin and the caucasus
[11/04/2014 21:25:39] James Bruce: won't that screw with his ESE?
[11/04/2014 21:31:03] AoD host guy: it should...
[11/04/2014 21:31:30] AoD host guy: but wont he have a port in the baku area?
[11/04/2014 21:41:53] AoD host guy: okies i am off
[11/04/2014 21:42:22] James Bruce: byee
[11/04/2014 21:42:32] James Bruce: true but I think he needs a direct link
[11/04/2014 21:42:39] James Bruce: I would test but I guess that's cheating!
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