the end of the game

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the end of the game

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Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:05 pm

the allies attack on unprepared japan was decisive. after giving it some time i think even if i knew the plans or even if i have an all-seeing crystal ball from danzig, i couldn't defend against it. it was not a tactical victory, it is simply determined by pure numbers. uk + allies has a much stronger fleet. this was made even worse by RN's luck and the [another] bug that i couldn't retreat when attacked by aus and uk fleet at same time. But even if not the bug and if i would have been more lucky on positioning, even if i had considerable land forces at home i would stand no chance against the full-scale allied invasion in 39nov.
this strategy was like invading unprepared usa on 39sept1 and neglect every other aspects of the game. or rushing su just after poland. surely decesive as hell but ends the game very soon one way or another. that's why i didn't chose that strategy in our last/current game.
I perfectly understand EO that he didn't want to wait idly to lose china, let jap shift it's focus on carriers and nav bombers, and put up a good fight on sea. Why should he if he simply can move his starting fleet there and kill weak japan in two weeks with a single all-in blow?
I fought real hard [and sometimes real lucky] in the past 2.5 half years in china and adjusted my builds with the illusion that i will dow uk and usa when i feel ready for a war with them. We may call it a strategical failure but i wouldn't do anything differently if we would start all over. Probably if we had a weaker china not a human with fully united in early36, who can give access to air and naval bases to allies anytime he wants to. I won't accept peace from treacherous uk or the dead china except their unconditional surrender. i surely won't give up any land willingly in china.
If you want i can play it to the end but with the unavoidable loss of whole japan that will basically mean only putting everything on vov in china and wait for months/years to melt away from lack of supplies as i don't spawn $ from nothing as china did.
We should use nuclear warheads first and then something nasty.

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