Edits made for Monday 19 October session

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Edits made for Monday 19 October session

Post: # 76146Post Mr_B0narpte
Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:42 pm

* Editing event 2620 in db/events/improved/vanilla events/ussr to remove the "NOT = exists = POL" trigger, to let the Winter War Occur

* editing event 2018 in db/events/improved/vanilla events/germany, same as above, to let USSR inherit eastern Poland as per the MR Pact

Please download the attached to resolve the issues above, installing both files in db/events/improved/vanilla events (in the same way you would install a save in scenarios/save games) - let them over-ride the original files.

EDIT: After tests with EO, I'm please to say only the host needs the edited events.

I will provide the originals once the game ends, to those who know how to edit events, you just need to delete the '#' that have slept the above triggers, alongside the trigger where Germany needs to control Warsaw for event 2018

* Duck testing to try and resolve the log bombing issue
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