Tuesday Night Game: 8PM - 11PM East Coast Time

Mostly Beer and Pretzels games focused on fun and hanging with a good group of people. Teamspeak encouraged.
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Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:31 pm

Hello everyone. We are bringing back the Tuesday Night Game. I, aphrochine, will be the game sponsor and thus taking on those responsibilities and invoking the authorities granted by our global rules.

Time & Schedule
Tuesdays 8PM (20:00) - 11PM (23:00) current East Coast Time

Rules & Spirit of Play
  • This game is first and foremost "for fun". I would prefer if you plan on sitting down with a glass of wine or a couple of beers, lock the family out of your office and enjoy some time with fellow grogs and dogs.
  • Political jokes, puns and other comments are fine. However, please refrain from full conversation, debate and be aware of others' sensitivities. Keep it light and fun. If someone makes a joke at your politic's or world view's expense, laugh it off. Anyone who routinely bends or pushes the boundaries here, will receive warning and may be removed if behavior continues.
  • Perfect attendance is not required, but communication is expected. If you are participating in the current game, please communicate when you will be unavailable as soon as you know. If you play an important role in the current game, you should plan on attending 100% of the time. If you role is minor, missing some sessions are fine.
  • Tardiness is like heavy drinking. It's tolerable occasionally, but should mostly serve as a reminder to not do it.

We will mostly focus on Paradox titles, as the session format is best served by real time pauseable games. Discussion about what game to play will be held on this board, but final decision will be mine (as game sponsor).

Hearts of Iron IV
Europa Universalis IV
Crusader Kings II
Victoria III (oh yes, some day...it will happen)

Session Format
  • Terms
  • Game: A game is an instanced play through of a chosen game. A Game will contain phases:
    - Planning: Who is participating? What game will we play?? What date will we start??
    - Playing: A series of sessions.
    - Finish: Declare a game "over" due to capitulation by all/most of the players. Declare winners. Celebrations.
  • Sessions: A session is the 3 hour block of time we play each Tuesday.
  • Sponsor: The formal Game Sponsor, aka head cheese. By WPO rules, the Game Sponsor makes all rules and decisions regarding the game. It is, however, the Game Sponsors responsibility to create an enjoyable and fair experience.
  • Game Host: The player who hosting the game session.
  • Assistant: Anyone who was chosen to help the Sponsor in various ways. Some delegation is expected.
  • Game Thread: Each game will have one official game thread. Attendance and formal game discussion will be held here. The OP will contain vital session information and House Rules.

Once we determine what game we will play, we will determine who will play. Nation selection (if needed) will be held and a start date will be selected. Ideally, this planning phase will take no longer than 2 weeks, meaning we miss no more than 1 Tuesday.

Once playing commences. The Host will make the save game available after each session. The Sponsor or Assistants will update the game thread with the schedule and participants of the following session. Any players who cannot attend should make the group aware.

It is expected that players who decide to load saved games for review will be respectful and not look at other's nations without that player's consent.

Sessions may be cancelled if attendance drops to low.

Tardiness is a part of life. The Host is expected to host and launch the game with 10 minutes after the start time. If a player shows late, the game Sponsor or Assistant will decide when and how a rehost will occur. A game shall not proceed any longer than 15 minutes after a tardy player shows.

Teamspeak: If the Teamspeak server is available, players are expected to log into the Teamspeak regardless of their participating in voice chat. This will be the primary "in session" form of communication outside of the game. Players are not considered to be "in attendance" until they are logged into Teamspeak.

Players may motion between sessions to end the current game. With that motion, the motioning player is expected to provide reasons why the game should be ended. The Sponsor makes final decisions, but this decision is made under advise of participating players.

When a game is determined to be over, any "win/loss" criteria is used to determine a winner. Any and all bets should be settled. Toasts should be held followed by congratulations and political posturing for the subsequent game. ;-)

AARs should be wrapped up.

Forum clean up should be performed, such as editing rights to private subforums. Any players who wish to have a thread archived or deleted should submit a PM to aphrochine or jones.

House Rules

House Rules are determined on a per game, per Game basis. House Rules should be created and decided before a game begins. Changing House Rules during a game should be avoided, and I will seek consensus before making those changes. The House Rules will be posted under the Game Thread.


Overall, I want to have a fun game which is formed around a group of players who enjoy playing different games. While we might turn into a "HOI4 only" group, I'd rather like to change games intermittently to help keep things fresh. I want fun games, but that shouldnt be confused with "dumb" games. I want a fair amount of competence in the game, but I would like to discourage higher level min/maxxy gameplay.

Game balance concerns will be discussed and mods may be chosen. If so, I'd like to keep things as "high level" as possible with that regard. Very acute issues can be looked at, but I dont want to spend 6 hours massaging a list of 40 "acute" issues. If a game's balance is that broken, we should forgo that game until it's in better shape.

Thanks guys!!


"Fate. It protects fools, little children and ships named Enterprise." -W.T. Riker

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