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Re: EU4?

Post: # 99516Post harbringerxv8
Thu Sep 03, 2020 9:59 pm

Alas for the mighty Ottomans, struck down by the predatory Mameluks. Following a series of brutal and terrible wars, the Turks finally crumbled under the weight of their adversaries, making the Mameluks the clear power in the Eastern Mediterranean. Further north, Russia (once Muscovy) and Sweden continued their respective expansions, crippling Lithuania. Most of Scandinavia is secured under Sweden now, while Russia looks to secure Ruthenia and the Pontic Steppes.

Meanwhile, Austria continues its domination of the Holy Roman Empire, though major threats have emerged in the form of Burgundy and France, who managed to defeat an Austro-Spanish alliance. Clearly the battle for Central Europe will be between these forces. Finally, Spain continues its colonization of the Americas, meeting some resistance from the Portuguese.
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